Sunday, October 17, 2010

A day in the life...

For some reason, I feel compelled to share a day in my life. So here's my first blog in over a year...

6:30am- Alarm goes off, press snooze.

6:39am- Alarm goes off again, usually get up. (Curt is usually up, showered, protein shake drank, lunch packed and out the door by now. Some days, he's on his way out as I'm getting up. But, never before he's given me a good by kiss before he heads downstairs.) Potty, brush teeth, shower, hair, make up, get dressed. (From here on, it all depends upon when Reese wakes up.)

Reese generally is awake by 7:00am, 8:30am at the latest. I usually putz around the house until she wakes up. These are some of the activities: email, Facebook, watch some recorded TV that Curt doesn't care for (Oprah, Ellen, DWTS, or MTV trash online), organize my shopping lists for the day, or any other quick things that I am content stopping if Reese wakes up.

We'll say 7:30am, since that's the usual wake up time- Get Reese out of her crib, change her diaper, breast feed her for about 15-20 minutes, head downstairs for some morning play time.

8:15am- Make Reese her breakfast. Usually some frozen fruit of some sort, 3 scoops of oatmeal cereal, tablespoon of vanilla yogurt and a splash or two of milk then whirred together in the Magic Bullet. After she gobbles it up, I pacify her with some Cheerios while I eat oatmeal/cereal/toast and clean up the kitchen a bit.

8:45am- Play time in the living room. Sometimes I have recorded TV on in the background. But try not to as she is showing more and more interest in it. Playtime can be anything from reading books, emptying the toy basket, the play table, walking behind her push toy, walking with mommy holding her, doing more and more walking alone, playing with anything she's not supposed to, chasing after the kitties, looking out the front window, sometimes go for a walk if it isn't too chilly out now, etc, etc.

10:00am- Out to run errands, the usual Target or Cub run, sometimes elsewhere. Usually only one place at a time, b/c we never know how long the contentedness lasts. Or we go to her class, Little Movers, on Tuesdays.

12:00pm- Start the lunch process. Usually a homemade meal I've made, sometimes a jar of food if I didn't remember to take one out to defrost. I eat lunch usually while I'm feeding Reese, usually something simple.

1:00pm- Naptime. As of late, this has lasted about 2 hours. I then take this time to complete the chores that are assigned that day. I have made a chart of chores for the week and do my best to complete those tasks during this time. That way it's not overwhelming to do them all in one day, and my weekends aren't filled with cleaning. I will watch some more recorded TV, Facebook, email, general internet use.

3:00pm- Reese wakes up. Bring a sippy cup of milk upstairs and try to get her to drink as much as possible while rocking in the chair and cuddling. Head downstairs for play time, which consists of the same activities listed above. I will also do some more computer time during this time as well. Reese is really good at playing independently, so I don't always interact with her. She needs her alone playing time too.

4:00pm- I usually have the, "Man, I hate making dinner." moment. Try to figure out something if I wasn't smart earlier in the day to figure it out. I usually try to make some sort of contact with Curt to get an ETA. Generally, he is home by 5:30pm at the latest. If Reese is fussy, I will try to give her a little snack to tide her over.

5:00pm- Dinner time for Reese. I try my hardest to hold her off until 5:30, but that doesn't always work. Depending what is for dinner, I try to get it started and while it's cooking, feed Reese. When I'm putting it together to cook, I'll usually give her cut up fruit to feed herself. Then while cooking, I will then give her the rest of her meal. During this time, Curt usually comes home and finishes cooking and getting our dinner together. We've got to get better at getting all three of us together eating. But, that's hard to do! Snacks might just have to get larger for Reese!

6:00pm- Curt and Reese usually play together, and most nights I join in too. Unless the kitchen is a disaster and I want to clean it up while they play.

6:45pm- Bath time and bed time for Reese. Curt gives Reese her bath and I get jammies, diaper, towel, etc. ready for her. I dry her off, and dress her, then Curt brushes her teeth, and gives her good night kisses. I nurser her about 15 minutes, stand up and rock/bounce her for the first 3 songs of her cd (10 minutes maximum), lay her down drowsy, and walk out.

7:15pm- Head downstairs for some relaxation. Curt usually cleans up the kitchen, toys, etc while I'm up feeding Reese. So we can both relax once Reese is down. We'll watch recorded TV (it is rarely ever live TV b/c we can't keep up with shows. I honestly don't know what it's like to watch TV with commercials!) I will Facebook, email, general internet use usually the entire time I am sitting and watching TV. Sometimes I will do little things like call my mom, organize things for the next day, make baby food, for example.

9:00/9:30pm- Make the move to go to bed. Depending on how much TV we really want to watch. Brush teeth, take vitamins, jammies on and lights out by 10:00pm at the latest.

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